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Outpatient Rehab Services in Lincolnton, NC

CLM offers outpatient rehab services in Lincolnton, NC, for people suffering from mental illness and addictions. Our outpatient treatment consists of flexible therapeutic interventions and support services, including individual, group, and family therapy.

We aim to help our clients recover in order to achieve their hopes and dreams and receive opportunities to learn, work, and contribute to their community. Our services are driven by a belief in the power of recovery through an individual’s strength and ability to change.

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Services for Children and Adolescents

The Intensive In-Home (IIH) service is a team approach designed to address the identified needs of children and adolescents who, due to serious and chronic symptoms of an emotional, behavioral, or substance use disorder, are unable to remain stable in the community without intensive interventions.

This service may only be provided to member through age 20. This medically necessary service directly addresses the member’s mental health or substance use disorder diagnostic and clinical needs.

This team provides a variety of clinical rehabilitative interventions available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. This is a time-limited, intensive child and family intervention based on the clinical needs of the member. The service is intended to accomplish the following:

a. reduce presenting psychiatric or substance use disorder symptoms;
b. provide first responder intervention to diffuse current crisis;
c. ensure linkage to community services and resources; and
d. prevent out of home placement for the member.

IIH services are authorized for one individual child in the family. The team provides individualized services that are developed in full partnership with the family. Effective engagement, including cultural sensitivity, is essential in providing services in the family’s living environment.

IIH services are delivered to children and adolescents, primarily in their living environments, with a family focus, and IHH services include but are not limited to the following interventions as clinically indicated:

a. individual and family therapy;
b. substance use disorder treatment interventions;
c. developing and implementing a home-based behavioral support plan with the member and the beneficiary’s caregivers;
d. psychoeducation imparts information about the members’s diagnosis, condition, and treatment to the member, family, caregivers, or other individuals involved with the member’s care.
e. Intensive case management includes the following:

1. assessment;
2. planning;
3. linkage and referral to paid and natural supports; and
4. monitoring and follow up.
f. arrangements for psychological and psychiatric evaluations; and
g. crisis management.

Peer Support Service

Peer Support Services – A peer is anyone who has personally experienced substance misuse and/or addiction and who works with others from the community in order to improve quality of life.

Consultation Services

Changing Lives Matter, LLC has ready access to psychiatric assessment and treatment services when warranted by the presence of symptoms indicating co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders (e.g. major depression, schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder).

Virtual Telepsychiatry and Virtual Med - Telepsychiatry

Virtual Telepsychiatry and Virtual Med – Telepsychiatry is the process of providing psychiatric healthcare services to a consumer from a remote clinician or physician.

We deliver telepsychiatry solutions that connects clinicians, and consumers. A live, secure video connection is established between an offsite clinician or physician and a behavioral health organization. The visit is identical to a typical psychiatric visit, except the clinician or physician and consumer are not in the same physical location.

Our physician also provides psychiatric evaluations and medication management services in outpatient clinics and behavioral health, and integrates access to psychiatric services with primary care.

Our tele psychiatrist provide emergent services to reduce wait times and overcrowding Emergency Department.

Court Ordered Classes

National Anger Management Association Approved Provider (NAMA)


The Anger Management Specialist is Certified and Internationally recognized by all Courts in the US. The instructor is credentialed with emphasis on safety (for ALL), brain change/cognitive behavioral approaches, attention to power/control issues, and appropriate de-escalation techniques.

The Instructor is a Certified Anger Management Specialist since 2012.



Outpatient Treatment – Outpatient treatment provides a flexible option for individuals seeking help for:

Instead of living at a treatment facility, consumers have appointments that can be scheduled around work or childcare responsibilities.

Group Counseling

Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program (SAIOP) Level 2.1 – Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program (SAIOP) means structured individual and group addiction activities and services that are provided at an outpatient program designed to assist consumer to begin recovery and learn skills for recovery maintenance.

The program is offered at least 3 hours a day, at least 3 days a week, with no more than 2 consecutive days between offered services and distinguishes between those beneficiaries needing no more than 19 hours of structured services per week.

Substance Abuse Comprehensive Outpatient Treatment Program (SACOT) Level 2.5 Substance Abuse Comprehensive Outpatient Treatment (SACOT) program means a periodic service that is a time-limited, multi-faceted approach treatment service for consumer’s who require structure and support to achieve and sustain recovery.

This service must operate at least 20 hours per week and offer a minimum of 4 hours of scheduled services per day, with availability at least 5 days per week with no more than 2 consecutive days without services available. The consumer must be in attendance for a minimum of 4 hours a day in order for this service. Group counseling services must be offered each day the program operates. Services must be available during both day and evening hours.

Standardized Screening

Feel free to contact us if you have questions about our outpatient treatment and services. We are ready to assist.